"The importance of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging"  

September 20, 2019  Silver Spring, MD

September 28, 2019 Washington, DC



About the Event

Work / Life Balance


  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Prioritizing Your Life 
  • Time Management 
  • Investing in Yourself to Evolve

Self-Belief & Empowerment


  • Busting Fear 
  • What Really Makes You Fulfilled
  • A Powerful Voice Creates Powerful Results 

Authenticity & Finding Your Voice


  • Excel in a Male Dominate Workplace
  • The Push for Promotion
  • Owning Your Confidence and Advancing 

Gearing Up for this One-Of-A-Kind Multi-City Tour!

Event Schedule

Welcome Networking Power Breakfast and Opening Session

6:30 am - 9:00 am Registration Onsite / Networking Power Breakfast 

 "The Importance of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging" 

9:00 am -9-30 am Conference Key Note Speaker


Ignite Her Conferences is a place for leading companies from diverse backgrounds to discuss some of the most prominent issues facing women  today- from business dynamics and creating a meaningful legacy to inter-generational succession planning and building internal and external wealth.

Morning Presentation Sessions

 9:30 am-10:00 am Presentation: Leadership 

During this highly energetic session attendees will learn about self- leadership, continual learning and self-development.  

 10:15 am - 11:15 am Presentation: Adversity 

  During this session attendees will lean how to overcome adversity, and become more resilient, how to learn from adversity and problem solve under pressure, how to move forward and manage change and their emotions. 

11:15 am -12:15 pm Presentation: Communication    Women participating in this session will learn the importance of calculated communication, how to resolve conflict, coalition building and how to influence others. 

LUNCH with Celebrity Chef: Healthy Choice Meals for Busy Lives

12:15 pm -1:15 pm

  According to some experts a healthy meal is any natural food popularly believed to promote or sustain good health, as by containing vital nutrients, being grown without the use of pesticides, or having a low sodium or fat content. 

Attendees will be provided lunch and learn how to prepare a health meal during a live cooking demonstration. 

Afternoon Presentations Sessions

1:30 pm -2:30 pm  1:1 Speed Coaching is a organized social event in which selected participants  have one-on-one conversations typically limed to less than five minutes, for the purpose of speaking with each one of the featured speakers about a particular topic. 

Presentation: Work/Life Balance  

 Women will also learn how to manage the high demands fueled by work and life and how to balance both and excel mentally, spiritually and personally. 

2:45 pm- 3:45 pm Self-Belief & Advancement  Career advancement and self-belief stem from guidance, mentoring, positive thinking, talking to others, plenty of practice and in some cases training. Although women aspire to have more of each, they often struggle to find them both. 

Authenticity & Finding Your Voices Presentation: Sustainable Results Q&A – Closing Remarks

 3:45 pm- 4:45 pm Presentation

Voice comes from the Latin root vocare, which is also the root word for vocation. One of the many ways you can express your voice is through your work. But Finding Your Voice is about so much more than a career choice. It’s about having clarity of life direction. 

It’s about giving full expression to your true self and not holding back. Attendees will be provided with a roadmap to help transform their lives and achieve the unimaginable along with tip and strategies to drive sustainable results. 



What is Ignite Monthly?

Ignite Monthly is an experience far beyond the conference

Ignite Monthly is blended micro learning for adults powerfully delivered through online video training and group coaching every month.  An innovative continuous learning online platform designed to extend the Ignite Her Conferences experience far beyond the event.  

Each attendee will receive additional new and advanced training and learn about the following concepts: Entrepreneurship, Peak Performance, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Development, Team Building, Positive Psychology, Goal Setting, Innovation and more.  Attendees have questions, we have answers. 

COMING SOON the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Exact times are subject to change slightly before event

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"No Barriers – Only Breakthroughs”

The Ignite Her Conferences is specifically designed to empower and ignite women. 

This personal and professional development conference provides a forum for women to network, learn, educate, and share ideas and gain real-life strategies and techniques to improve, transform and thrive. 

This is a one-of- a-kind conference that will tour cities in the U.S. and abroad and be presented by powerful female thought leaders, trainers, authors, speakers and Ignite coach Ron Mitchell JD, MBA.  

The conference has been planned by women leaders and is scheduled to be an annual event, changing venue locations each year to various cities. 

The conference consists of the following relevant topics in addition to female keynote speakers sharing their insights.

  "The importance of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging"  

"There is no tool for development more effective then the empowerment of women."  ----- Kofi Annan

Ignite Her Conferences 2019 Cities

    Silver Spring, MD    

September 21, 2019

Washington, DC

September 28, 2019

Salt Lake City, UT

Philadelphia, PA  

Houston, TX  

Chicago, IL  

Palo Alto,CA

Charlotte, NC 

Atlanta, GA  

Miami, FL

Boston, MA 


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Featured Speaker for Maryland Event

Linda Singh


Maryland National Guard Adjutant General

Linda Singh serves as a Major General in the Maryland National Guard, dedicating more than 36 years of service. As the Adjutant General and a Cabinet Secretary she is responsible for the Maryland Military Department. As part of her military role she works with senior level officials at ministerial and ambassador levels in Estonia and Bosnia developing country strategies under the Department of Defense State Partnership Program.  

In 2012, Ms. Singh returned from a military deployment in Afghanistan, where she served as Afghan Security Forces operations chief with the 29th Infantry Division, as part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Joint Command.  After returning from deployment, she was assigned as the director of Maryland National Guard joint staff, followed by the Commander of the Maryland Army National Guard.

Prior to retiring from Accenture in 2016, she was a Managing Director in the Health and Public Service North America Operating Unit where she served for 21 years. With over 24 years of experience, Ms. Singh served as executive director for veteran’s programs, director of operations, commercial director, client account lead, as well as numerous other program and project management roles for large systems implementations across civilian, public safety and Department of Defense.

She holds a bachelor’s in business, an MBA, a Masters in Strategic Studies and is a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She is the author of “Moments of Choice: My path to leadership”. Ms. Singh is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Gallup Strengths Coach. She has received numerous awards, among them are 2013 Diversity MBA Top 100 under 50 Diverse Emerging Leaders, The Network Journal 25 Influential Black Women in Business Award for 2014, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for 2015 and was inducted into the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame in March 2015. 


We look forward to Ignite Her Conferences expert speakers



Fran Capo is a motivational speaker, adventurer, comedian, voice-over artist, author and holder of several world records.  Fran is a humorous and invigorating motivational speaker (who has performed on every continent – yes, even Antarctica!) 

She has done her talks for schools, small corporations, nuns, hells angels, CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, and women's groups.  Her topics include: "Creativity in Marketing", "Humor in Business Speaking and the Workplace", "Dare to Do it", “How to have a World Record Mindset” and "Love, Laughter and Light". 



 Dr. Susy Francis Best is a bilingual (Spanish) clinical psychologist and an executive leadership coach with over 15 years of experience working with couples, families and organizations. 

She is also the founder and President at Thrive Group International, LLC 



Erica Wexler is the president of Transforms LLC and Creator of the Transformational Guidance program. 

Erica is a change thought leader and widely recognized for spearheading large-scale system change initiatives, meeting design and facilitation, effective communication and training approaches. 



Ron Mitchell, JD, MBA is a critically acclaimed life changing author, world-renowned ignite coach, speaker and educator. He is a relentless advocate, philanthropist, and entrepreneur and former business school professor. www.ronwilligniteyou.com 



 Mary Abbajay is an acclaimed and sought after public speaker, organizational consultant, facilitator, trainer, and author. She is the president and founder of Careerstone Group, LLC, a woman-owned professional development consultancy that delivers leading-edge talent and organizational development solutions. 



 Rameika Phillips-Mashack is a highly regarded, well sought after skilled clinician due to her unique combination of intuitive interpersonal skills, relationship building insight, and experience in the athletic world. 



After spending ten years in the Navy beginning as a messhall chef and transitioning to the Private Chef to the Admiral, Chef Ponder began a Private Chef Company and made appearances on the Food Network’s Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen; making it to the final rounds in both and winning Cutthroat Kitchen in 2014. Since then, Chef Ponder continues to prepare the finest of meals using only the freshest, healthiest and first-class ingredients for his high-end clients all over the world. 

Chef Ponder is a certified culinary expert.  



 Jaclyn DiGregorio is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. Jaclyn is the founder and CEO of Cusp It, a wellness brand on a mission to help women develop a high level of self-confidence, by providing them with tools to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. 

"No Barriers – Only Breakthroughs”

Ready, Willing and Able

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